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Hearst asked the question, how do you look and feel 7 Years Younger? To answer that question they published a new book focusing on diet, nutriceuticals and cosmecuticals. Make Me Social partnered with Hearst to build a community of engaged followers by implementing a content marketing, community management and blogger outreach strategy to meet and exceed their goals. Learn more...
Not every global B2B brand has millions of followers waiting for them. With a little creative muscle, we helped attract their target audience, where we continue to engage with them and help support ongoing communication efforts on a worldwide scale. Learn More…
How do you drive ticket sales for a live event through social media? Jimmy Buffett wanted to increase revenue at the Atlanta stop of 2013’s Songs from St. Somewhere tour. Through Facebook ads and direct outreach to local radio stations, Make Me Social delivered. Learn More…
Citi and Wall Street Journal needed data and strategy to identify and reach influencers to support a global opportunity to open new markets. They partnered with Make Me Social. Based on our findings, MMS built a strategy for localization of content, tagging and branding to drive results. Learn More…
The Foundation Fighting Blindness wanted to amplify their efforts on social media. To help them reach their organizational goals, we created an integrated plan to turn fans into community members, and community members into donors. Learn More…
When Jimmie Johnson decided to take his love of “racing anything” to the video game market, we engineered a well-tuned plan to land the 5-time champ another trophy. Learn More…
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Every engagement starts with data and analytics to help identify audience behaviors and opportunities to engage via social media for your brand. Our strategists take that information and put it into action in building out a roadmap that will align with your marketing message, brand position and goals.

It’s the job of our delivery team to turn that roadmap into engaging and actionable campaigns that will build audience awareness and drive to conversion. They tick through the list of capabilities to ensure that every engagement has the support it needs. From blogger outreach to community management, web development and mobile optimization, we have the staff and resources to move the needle.

The client satisfaction team continuously looks for ways to optimize everything we do. Whether you have 1 influencer or 1 million followers, we learn from the results generated to continually feed the strategy and refine the campaigns we execute on behalf of our clients.

By working smarter and thinking harder, we know how to scale our operations to meet the needs of our clients large and small. We’ve stayed lean, flexible and focused on the future. We read as much as we write and listen more than we speak.

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    Tools are one thing. Be able to sift through data and add value is another.
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    Data is direction, strategy is the path, execution is getting there.
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    Yeah! Fans! Wait ... what did we really get?


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    Our analysts and strategists marry data with your brand story to develop the road map that will lead to social success.
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    Our delivery team takes the roadmap and turns it into engaging campaigns that will move your audience to action.
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    We are process driven and measurable. Our Client Satisfaction team keeps the ball moving and ensures you stay informed every step of the way.

We started small with the idea of bringing support and authenticity to companies, brands and individuals that weren’t equipped to keep up with the social media marketplace.

As we’ve evolved, our mission has remained the same – help B2B and B2C companies generate more opportunities, increase conversions, and deepen relationships through social analytics, content, campaigns, engagement and metrics. In many ways, the opportunity has caught up to the idea with technology continuing to change how we can tell our clients' story to create a meaningful impact.

By working smarter and thinking harder, we know how to scale our operations to meet the needs of our clients large and small. We’ve stayed lean, flexible, and focused on the future. We read as much as we write and listen more than we speak.

As our team continues to grow, we never lose sight of the fact that we do well when our clients do well. It’s a simple truth that is as true today as it was in 2009.


  • March 31, 2014

    One of our favorite clients and Mailboat Records artist, Mishka, kicked off his 2014 “The Journey” tour at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn this past Thursday night and a few of the Make Me Social team members headed out to enjoy the show together. While the weather outside was on the chilly side, Continue Reading »

  • March 24, 2014

    Last week, Make Me Social members Josh Jordan and Steve Command headed to Orlando and spent a few days at the Global Pet Expo with friends, and clients, Tall Tails. Tall Tails is an 80 year old textile manufacturing company specializing in dog towels, blankets and beds. After spending a Continue Reading »

  • February 18, 2014

    There is an event going on that you most likely don’t know about – and you probably wouldn’t care about it if you did. On the popular social streaming site,, 50,000 gamers are trying to complete a Gameboy video game from 1998. “Twitch Plays Pokémon” is either an insane Continue Reading »

  • February 10, 2014

    The last time we wrote about Klout, we criticized (alongside many other outlets) the tool for failing to provide its advertised service. For those of you that missed the first blog, here is a brief synopsis: One of the earliest and longest-lasting challenges of social media is proving ROI – Continue Reading »

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