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As the Kings of Content Battled, The Digital Revolution Continued: Why Viacom and DIRECTV Fought the Wrong Battle, A Social Media and Marketplace Analysis

The recent battle between Viacom and DIRECTV captured a lot of attention this month. By focusing on the issues that Viacom and DIRECTV were addressing in their negotiations, it was easy to miss the larger issue: that winning this battle would not win them the war. We turned to social media analytics and market research to examine the big picture, and ask: can the Kings of Content survive the Digital Revolution?

[slideshare id=13763870&doc=thedeathofoldkingcontent-120726075238-phpapp02]

Call for Interns: Answered

You may remember our blog post a few months back, announcing a call for interns at Make Me Social. That call was answered, and today we are pleased to introduce you to our new intern, Chance Mattox:

That sparkle in his eye? That’s determination.

We sat down with Chance and asked him a few questions so that we could properly introduce him before he starts blogging. Enjoy!

Name:  Chance Nathanael Boyce Mattox
Florida State College of Jacksonville
Year in school:
Junior in Fall ‘12
Business Marketing
Marketing Intern: Assist in Analysis, Assist in Coffee making. (Editor’s note: we never did get that coffee…)
Golf, Soccer, Basketball, Football, Cricket, Open Wheel Racing.
What inspired you to apply for this internship? The desire to learn and grow in a new field of Marketing and Marketing Analysis.
What are you looking forward to learning/working on? How to market web-based companies and increase their social media traffic.
What do you do in your spare time? Write, play sports, listen to music, instagram/tweet.
Favorite YouTube video? Oh-Oh-Oh Music video by The Golf Boys. Or the full 10 Hour Epic Sax Guy video.
Favorite website? When it’s December 25th: When it’s not December 25th: Spotify/Pandora/
Favorite magazine? Time or Rolling Stone.
Least favorite food? Rutabaga, the way it looks, smells, tastes. Just, no.