Our Favorite Memories of 2012

It’s that time of year again. No, not that time where we are excited to see what the 2013 Jelly of the Month Club calendar has in store for us; it’s that time when we look back and ponder our greatest memories of 2012 at Make Me Social.

Josh embraced “Race Anything to the Daytona 500” (possibly because he was in a recliner with an engine on it).

Like Josh, Mandi had numerous fond memories from the year. These included volunteering at the St. Johns County Pet Center (and subsequently adopting Montez the kitten), and seeing Stephen Command turn the office into a haunted house:

Jim Culp and Holly Borquin thought that volunteering at the Holiday Party for the St. Augustine Boys & Girls Club, The Players Championship Unit, was the best part. Holly’s favorite moment? The little girl in the Camp Rock shirt who got Camp Rock dolls and responded with a thousand watt smile!

Looking forward to making more memories in 2013!

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