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See How the Other Half Lives

A recent Adobe Social webinar revealed that less than 50% of companies that are using social track their success, or failure. That’s any success, not just the favorite C-suite question of ‘what’s my ROI?’

The ROI of social is attainable. You can track a multitude of things to generate metrics that add to or directly contribute to a return for social spend. We know that. Marketers (should) know that.

So why isn’t it happening?

1)      Comfort

There’s nothing better than a warm blanket and a fire on a cold, snowy day. And there’s nothing worse than having that blanket pulled away to reveal that you haven’t showered and hadn’t planned to because you certainly aren’t going to leave that comfy spot. Continue reading

Evolution of the Second Screen

As social media platforms continue to evolve, so do our ways of integrating these platforms evolve. One of the most unique and interactive of these integrations is the second screen – a companion device like a tablet or smartphone that allows for an audience to interact with the content they are consuming elsewhere, like on television or a movie.

As tablet and smartphone usage increases, so does second screen usage. It acts as a type of supplemental TV-watching experience.

For example, people use the second screen to engage with sports and entertainment. Quarterback makes a rookie mistake? Post it on Facebook.

Kim Kardashian embarrasses herself in an interview? Tweet about it. Continue reading

Going “Facebook Official:” How to Take Your Relationship with Social Media to the Next Level

Social media is a lot like a romantic relationship: things will work a lot better if you understand yourself, your needs, and your goals, and you understand the person you’re with.

In the case of social media, a company that lacks a projected forecast, fails to understand its needs, and is unable to engage with and understand its customer base, is doomed to fail. After all, some people just aren’t ready to find their soul mates just yet.

Below we have three primary reasons a company would not be ready for social media and examples for each. Read ahead, and find out if your company is ready to take this relationship to the next level.

You Have Commitment Issues

Social media is very transparent. If you “aren’t sure of the direction you’re taking the company” and can’t commit to a strategy for your company, social media should be the least of your worries. “It’s Complicated” isn’t a status that you want to hang on your relationship with social media. Continue reading

Make Me Social brings together memorabilia and mobile for an interactive experience

The great thing about working in an industry as dynamic as social media is that it enables us to connect incredible brands, and create something really special.

One of the recent connections that we made brought together two companies: Keepr™ Media and Enthuse.

Keepr™ Media uses a proprietary technology platform to deliver dynamic, rich, media in the form of a collectible, called KEEPR. The product connects via USB to any Windows computer to deliver a one-of-a-kind memorabilia experience. The KEEPR enables consumers to engage with their favorite teams, players and stars over the internet to access exclusive content and any other rewards and benefits the content owner wishes to deliver. KEEPRs can be purchased online at Continue reading

Futurecast: Where is Social Media Headed in 2013?

Happy New Year everyone!

Embarking into this new year has us all wondering what the future holds. But we aren’t ones who rely to crystal balls to tell us our fate. We use cold, hard data; raw facts; and objective truths.

That’s why we turned to our own internal social media experts. We sat down and discussed what we expect to see in 2013. Our conversation focused on three key themes: existing and emerging platforms, changes to user behavior and preference, and entertainment and events.

Our conversation was bountiful and we had a lot to say, making us thankful that we never took that crystal ball out of the attic when excavating our holiday decorations.

Existing and Emerging Platforms

Applying Moore’s Law to social media, we expect a continued rise in the growth of niche networks accompanied by more success targeting specific audiences. Investors will continue to pump money into people and platforms, hoping to get a Zuckerberg to build them their own Facebook. The “social media bubble” will undoubtedly continue to expand. Continue reading