Going “Facebook Official:” How to Take Your Relationship with Social Media to the Next Level

Social media is a lot like a romantic relationship: things will work a lot better if you understand yourself, your needs, and your goals, and you understand the person you’re with.

In the case of social media, a company that lacks a projected forecast, fails to understand its needs, and is unable to engage with and understand its customer base, is doomed to fail. After all, some people just aren’t ready to find their soul mates just yet.

Below we have three primary reasons a company would not be ready for social media and examples for each. Read ahead, and find out if your company is ready to take this relationship to the next level.

You Have Commitment Issues

Social media is very transparent. If you “aren’t sure of the direction you’re taking the company” and can’t commit to a strategy for your company, social media should be the least of your worries. “It’s Complicated” isn’t a status that you want to hang on your relationship with social media.

You Have Communication Problems

If you have trouble communicating, you should probably rethink jumping into a world that is all about real-time, two-way communication. Social media is about listening and engaging in a dialogue with customers and prospects. If you’re afraid of those conversations because you fear getting negative feedback, it might be time to think long and hard about the root cause of that fear. Dig deep, learn to be a better communicator, and then consider getting into a relationship with social media.

You’re Not Willing to Nurture

Like all relationships, the one that you have with social media (and your audience) requires effort. You can’t “set it and forget it” and you need to plan and schedule time to work on it. That means that social media isn’t free – like most relationships, it requires an investment of time and money.

So – are you ready for a long term relationship?

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