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Will Recent High Profile Twitter Hackings Scare Big Brands Away?

Remember the day Burger King became McDonald’s, Jeep became Cadillac, and MTV and BET switched places?

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you probably already know none of this actually happened – it’s the result of a series of attacks hackers have been unleashing via Twitter.

In reality, MTV and BET just pulled a media publicity stunt, but Burger King’s and Jeep’s Twitter accounts were certainly hacked with control regained shortly after.

In a series of Tweets and photos, the temporary hacker management of Jeep’s account said that the company was sold to Cadillac because its employees and CEO were using drugs. Its bio was changed to “The official Twitter handle for the Jeep — Just Empty Every Pocket, sold to Cadillac… In a hood near you!” Continue reading

Listen, Learn, Act

Most of us know that social media gives brands the critical opportunity (and necessity) of listening to consumers.

Consumers often take the lead from the brands whether it’s identifying an emerging style or simply figuring out what to have for dinner.

Brands often take the lead from consumers by identifying influencers and leaders within their target demographic and employing their newfound knowledge to improve their products and services.

Continue reading

How to Be a Rock Star on the Social Media Stage

Whether you love him or hate him, do you know how Justin Bieber got famous?

The answer: social media (and specifically, YouTube).

When asked by Elvis Duran about the changes to the music industry in the past few years, Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy said, “The playing field is even, like you see kids can just do stuff in their bedroom now…you’re able to at your house produce music that people can fall in love with.”

The goal of social media for any entertainer or artist is to turn followers into fans and lead them to consume their product. A rise to the top of social media is a rise to the top of the entertainment industry. Continue reading

The Importance of Scaling Social Media Operations

What happens when one business has over 500 locations across the country and is looking to use social media to help each location communicate with their customers?

If they’re looking for results, scalability happens.

Why is scalability important?

Because when one strategy is lazily applied across the board, ignoring the needs of individual locations, results can be hard to come by. Each business is as unique as the person or people running it and they each deserve their own specific plan. Continue reading