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Trend Tracking Takes Time

A restaurant wouldn’t adjust their menu just because one patron didn’t like a menu item. A poll wouldn’t conclude that Citizen Kane was a bad movie because of one bad review. So why would a social media manager adjust his social strategy based on a single incident?

It seems obvious that this should not happen when we discuss it in these terms, but it happens in companies across the globe and from small to supersized. Continue reading

How Social Media is Affecting the Way We Write

The way we behave and act greatly influences social media, but can social media influence the way we behave and act?

More specifically, how are social media channels like Twitter influencing the way we write?

For example, hashtags were originally meant for narrowing Twitter searches to make tweets more easily searchable. Now we hashtag everything from Facebook posts to handwritten notes. Continue reading

Engagement in Enterprise

Captain Kirk had it rougher than people will admit. Sure he could replicate anything, or transport anywhere all on a whim, but he had to run the Enterprise. He had to make sure everyone was communicating and sharing.

Scotty couldn’t keep giving it all he’s got if he was having trouble making it to the engine room on time because the elevator on Deck 7 was in constant disrepair and Bones was tired of him constantly cutting through sick bay.

While those handy little Motorola communicators they carried allowed the crew to keep in touch, it wasn’t exactly the best form of social engagement. Continue reading

What More Content on LinkedIn Means for Brands

LinkedIn used to be considered as “just” the online resume of social networks.

But things are changing.

LinkedIn had long been viewed as the social media platform that did not need to be visited regularly. Now, with frequently updated, high-quality content, members have a reason to visit the site with more regularity and this gives brands a reason to put more eggs in the LinkedIn basket.

Just last year, the network added a “follow” feature that allows members to follow influencer’s newsfeeds without having to officially connect. They also rolled out a long-form publishing tool (think “blog”) so that these influencers can post lengthier, media-rich updates to their profiles. Continue reading

Mobile Users Enable Local Discovery via Apps

Whether you are a fan of Google, or Yelp, local search is a focus for both businesses and mobile users.

Enter MeeLocal, just released to iTunes on March 15, 2013.

A new entrant to the local discovery market, MeeLocal allows users to create and curate lists through images, hashtags and geo-tagged content.

“Local is one thing. HyperLocal is another,” said Stephen Danelian, founder of MeeLocal. “We live our lives through discovery and sharing. Making a way to enable that in a simple yet powerful way is what we are focused on.” Continue reading

Capital One Goes Big

It wasn’t so long ago that Capital One sent out enough credit solicitations by mail that the USPS gave them their own special rate (that sound you hear is the USPS sighing and remembering the good ole’ days).

If you’re going to mail 1 Billion pieces a year, I guess you should get a little bit of a discount.

And, it wasn’t so long ago that Cap One called up their suppliers and said, “Hey, listen, ummm … the economy is kind-of tanking a little and we need to pull back. So … yeah. Sorry …” I’m paraphrasing of course, but you get the picture.

So why was I so surprised to see this? Continue reading

Discovering Influencers: The Powerful Toolset of Reddit

Where Content Comes From

You may not have heard of Reddit, but you’ve seen their influence. Reddit is a social news site, comparable to Digg, StumbleUpon, or the BBS’s of the late 90’s. Users may submit content, in the form of photos, external links, or text posts. Other users vote on these submissions, pushing popular posts to the front pages of the site – like a living search engine. With over 43 million active users (called Redditors) as of October 2012, some analysts are calling Reddit the most influential website online. The Harlem Shake is simply the latest in a long line of trends that the Reddit community founded. In 2013, if a piece of content goes viral, you can almost assuredly wager that it was popular on Reddit two weeks earlier.

But I’m not here to tell you why Reddit is important to the internet.

I’m here to tell you why it’s important to you. Continue reading