Monthly Archives: April 2013

Handling Social Media in the Wake of a Crisis

In the wake of horrific national disasters that have struck our country from 9/11 to Sandy Hook, and most recently, the Boston Marathon bombings, brands across the globe now understand that how they handle their social media efforts in response to national tragedies is critical.

Discussing a tragedy while the smoke is still in the air can often come across as callous, and mishandling the situation can ruin a brand image. Should brands go silent? Should they directly address or reference the tragedy? If so, how should they do so? Continue reading

The Top 5 Ways Brands Can Annoy Customers

Is your marketing team ready to “circle back” to the social media discussion and you’re finding yourself short on bandwidth?

We have a list of the 5 most successful ways brands can use social media to irritate their fans as much as humanly possible.*

Get out the chalkboard, sharpen your nails, and get your loudest, quickest clicky pens ready – we’re going to discover what type of behavior brands can use to bother, pester, and all around annoy their consumers. Continue reading