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Another Link on the Chain of Engagement

LinkedIn has long focused on bringing together professionals of all levels, from CEO’s to interns. The network has been a place for people to connect but connections were historically not enough to bring people back to the site on a daily basis. Site views mean opportunities for advertisers. This past quarter LinkedIn only acquired about 23% of its revenue from ads. To expand that, they needed to become a place where people create and consume content. More content would mean more page views, and more page views would help them sell more advertisements. Continue reading

Instagram video may not be the right answer for Facebook

In the late 1870’s the first animated images were sequenced and photographed in real time, kicking off what would become the foundation of the modern day movie. As technologies improve, the way that “moving pictures” are created and consumed, continues to evolve.

Google-owned YouTube, which is used by over one billion individual users each month and has an average of 100 hours of video uploaded to it each day. Those videos are instantly accessible to millions of computers and mobile devices. Video has been a great investment for Google, with advertising on YouTube consistently performing as a driver of revenue for the company. More videos = more revenue potential. Continue reading

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Video Games and New Social Media 3: The Indie Crowd

Last week, we published a blog explaining the way some larger brands and developers are capitalizing on the connections between social media and the games industry. Of course, any brand with a large enough budget could accomplish much of the same thing. But what about smaller franchises? What about indie developers? How can a small business, with no spare budget, get their work in front of the eyes of millions of gamers?

Let me introduce you to Sips. Continue reading