An Effective Event Hashtag

The #hashtag became one of the most popular used words in 2013 alongside ‘selfie’ and ‘twerking’. However, the hashtag is actually an extremely efficient way of connecting users via social media around the world.

The use of an effective hashtag can promote events, connect users and bring new images and news to people who would never have come across it otherwise. Facebook’s attempt to bring the hashtag to their platform was not as successful as some had hoped but that doesn’t stop it from making major waves on Twitter and Instagram. From the #TodaySunrise and #noshavenovember, worldwide events become public knowledge to anyone who searches the right keywords.

Past the #ThrowBackThursdays, and #ManCrushMondays, properly used hashtags can become the backbone of an effective event. The key to success lies in communication. Make it short, make it unique and make sure people attending your event know what hashtag to use. Lead by example, and use your official tag to share news, updates, and photos from your event. Find other attendees talking about your show and reach out to them using the tag. After all, what’s the point of a hash if no one’s using it?

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