The Global Pet Expo: 5 Questions with Josh Jordan & Steve Command

Last week, Make Me Social members Josh Jordan and Steve Command headed to Orlando and spent a few days at the Global Pet Expo with friends, and clients, Tall Tails. Tall Tails is an 80 year old textile manufacturing company specializing in dog towels, blankets and beds. After spending a few days on the tradeshow floor, we decided to check in with the social pet pros to see what they’ve learned.

Global Pet Expo 2014

Q: What is the Global Pet Expo all about?

The Global Pet Expo is an opportunity for businesses in the Pet industry; such as retailers, distributors and buyers, to network and showcase any new products and services for 2014. For some companies, it’s where they’ll write the majority of their business for the year. In the case of our client, it was a launch pad for a newer brand in the marketplace. While signing customers was important, establishing a visual voice for the brand and differentiating from the competition was equally important. 

Q: Who are Tall Tails and what kind of products do they sell?

Tall Tails is an 80 year old textile manufacturing company specializing in dog towels, blankets and beds: Their objective is to bring a unique perspective to the marketplace: connecting owners and pets in a new way through high quality, plush and durable bedding, blankets and towels.

Q: How does social media play into connecting consumers with Tall Tails products?

As part of the go-to market strategy, Tall Tails wanted an effective way to connect with dog lovers and allow them to share their #TallTailsAdventures. The GPE social networking is all focused around Hashtags! Conferences can be a one-way dialogue at times, so messaging through key hashtags and using community management can be game changers for brands.

Q: What interesting facts did you learn about animal care? (and/or peoples connections with their pets)

It is a $58 Billion dollar industry. No matter how the rest of the world is doing, people spend money on their pets!

Q: What was your number one take away from the Global Pet Expo?

People love their animals and treat them just like another member of the family. Mostly, they want quality products, which TT can and has been providing for years. On top of that, it was apparent that despite the size of the market, it is still very niche. As a company, we attend tradeshows of all shapes and sizes. Seeing the number of suppliers vs. the spend in this market put things in perspective. It also demonstrated that Tall Tails is positioned well to hit on several unmet needs in the marketplace. Particularly when you start comparing the quality and affordability of the product line against others at the show.

Q: What can we expect to see at next year’s event?

It will be interesting to see how the International market continues to expand and showcase at the tradeshow. Many people trying to break into new markets across the globe and to see how some of them grow over the course of 12 months. Some changes for the future? Hopefully more pets! I’d love to see more pets and more pet photos coming out of an event like this. I think we’ll also have a few new fun and innovative engagement tactics to rollout in year two!

Overall the Global Pet Expo experience for Make Me Social was a success. From social media to retail to e-commerce and production, the takeaways were invaluable. We are a fully active, participating company and our goal is to find new ways to expand your brand’s dreams and turn them into powerful realities. For more information on how Make Me Social can work with your company to reach audiences across the country and keep your social presence thriving, check out our website.

Tall Tails at the Global Pet Expo

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