How to make a projector screen with a sheet

If you are regularly tearing the wrinkled sheet off your bed, then you can use it as the projector screen. It is the best time to upgrade your projector screen with your wrinkled bed sheet. This bed sheet projector screen is absolutely the most portable and cheap screen which hides away in the closet till the next time you require it. It is absolutely the best choice of the DIY projector screen which helps project anything over at the instructables. At the same time, they can be easily flogged together just within an hour and you don’t have to spend any cost to purchase the new projector screen.

Using bed sheet projector screen:

All you need are the following things such as,

  • White colored bed sheet
  • A few screw in hooks
  • Some eyelets
  • 12 feet of PVC pipe

Using a bedsheet as a projector screen is absolutely a super and highly inexpensive way to obtain this work done and you can do it anytime and get it everywhere in all homes. Everyone should have to look for the sturdy material for making the movie projection screen great to have the nice displaying experience.

Steps involved in making a projector screen:

The following are the essential steps which you have to consider in the making process of the projector screen.

  • bed sheet projector screenYou have to decide what size of the projector screen you want. Minimum you should have to choose 5 feet width by 6 feet height of the screen.
  • Then, you have to cut and sew the sides and top portion. Leave 2 inches additional on every side of the screen for the folding purpose.
  • Insert eyelets on every side of the top portion.
  • In the next step, you should sew in the PVC pipe in order to make your screen hang straight and flat. It will also make it easy to roll up & store when not in use.
  • Then, you have to put the hooks in your home ceiling.


Using the bed sheet to convert as the projector is an affordable way to get the extraordinary protector screen to enjoy your movie at your home. You will absolutely feel adventurous and as well as you don’t have to put more money to buy the readymade projector currently available in the market.