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Instagram Direct: The most exclusive photo sharing app

This past Thursday, December 12th, smartphone users around the world we’re notified about an update on their Instagram app. What could it be? A new filter, new tagging techniques or maybe a new format. But what they found was surprising to some; that the newest Instagram update was the ability to Direct Message users through the application.

Instagram Direct is the newest way to share photos and videos with your friends. A criticism of the public forum, is that not every moment is right to be shared with every follower you have.  Some things are special, intimate and unique to a single users or group of friends or family. With Instagram Direct, users can now take that special moment and share it with a select group of people or one special individual.

Users have the option to choose only one friend to share the post with or a group of people, starting an exclusive chat in the direct message folder. The Instagram community has skyrocketed since its initial launch three years ago with over 150 million users sharing photos and videos to hundreds and thousands of followers.

Rumor has it, that the idea of an Instagram Direct came from creators seeing the enormous power of Snapchat as its users have beaten out Facebook and Instagram for the amount of photos it sees daily. Either way we are glad they enabled it and can’t wait to see what it does for the world of photography in the future. For more, check out the Instagram release post made last week. http://bit.ly/Jt2W3W

Facebook Finally Features Hashtags

Ready for some #awesome #Facebook #news?

Starting June 12, hashtags became clickable on Facebook.

Facebook is unrolling a series of features that allow users to engage with the interesting discussions people are having about public events, people, and topics. The spearheading feature is, of course, hashtags. Continue reading

Listen, Learn, Act

Most of us know that social media gives brands the critical opportunity (and necessity) of listening to consumers.

Consumers often take the lead from the brands whether it’s identifying an emerging style or simply figuring out what to have for dinner.

Brands often take the lead from consumers by identifying influencers and leaders within their target demographic and employing their newfound knowledge to improve their products and services.

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Florida By Phone: Local Mobile Art

Mobile Phone Photography Art Show Contest

Florida By Phone Scrapbook

On December 2, 2011, Make Me Social sponsored Florida By Phone, an innovative crowdsourced art exhibit that gave people the opportunity to share their experiences, as captured by their mobile phones. Hosted by the St. Augustine Art Association  (STAAA) during First Friday Art Walk’s “Fantastic Florida,” all photos were displayed on the very phones that they were captured with!

Visitors to the exhibit voted for their favorite photos, and each vote counted as an entry into a raffle for an iPhone 4S. The photographer whose image received the most votes won Best in Show, and an iPhone 4S. Can you spot the winners in the photos above? Their smiles make it easy!

We had a great time at the event and were able to raise money for a wonderful local association, staffed and supported by wonderful people. Thank you to our volunteers, exhibitors, and attendees!

Top Left – Jennifer and Josh Jordan collect donations for the STAAA
Top Right – A few of the photos and phones exhibited
Bottom Right – Elyse Brady, head administrator to STAAA holds the raffle box while Jean Troemel, owner of PASTA Art Gallery on Charlotte Street in St. Augustine picks the winning ticket
Bottom Left – Josh Jordan announces the winners: Caroline Cover (R) Best in Show and Rachell Oubre (L) Raffle Winner