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Make Me Social Takes ‘The Journey’ with Mishka


One of our favorite clients and Mailboat Records artist, Mishka, kicked off his 2014 “The Journey” tour at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn this past Thursday night and a few of the Make Me Social team members headed out to enjoy the show together. While the weather outside was on the chilly side, the night’s music brought sunshine and warmth to the crowd.

First we caught opener Sarah Blacker, a Boston-based singer-songwriter with an incredible voice and catchy pop-folk tunes.

Sarah Blacker opening for Mishka at the Knitting Factory

When Mishka took the stage, his soul-infused reggae tunes filled the crowd with an infectious energy as they sang along and danced throughout his set. To help further bring the audience along on his journey, Mishka added an incredibly unique element to his show by having his friend, artist Jay Alders, create a painting onstage throughout the performance.

Jay Alders paints as Mishka sings

At one point, one of the concert-goers shouted out, “I am so happy right now!”, which got a shy smile and, “Thank you,” from the singer before breaking into his great new song, “All of This Time”.

Enjoy another tune from Mishka below and check out his calendar of upcoming shows!

Facebook Friends Startup Company, Branch.

The spinning minds at Facebook in Northern California have officially teamed up with the innovative thinkers at the rapidly growing startup known as Branch, in New York City. Branch is a social startup with a twin site called Potluck. These two sites monitor, engage, connect and ignite unique thought and conversations between users across the social-sphere. The idea of creating and, more importantly, maintaining an intellectual community of users with similar interests is an extremely powerful tool – if you know how to use it.

Facebook currently reports a total of 1.9 billion active monthly users. So where do they go from here? What service do they have planned to continue that growth into the future? Something where users can gain insightful information about their daily lives; be it health, travel, education, world news, politics and local events could be just around the corner. That is what the Branch team intends to do following Facebook’s supposed 15 million dollar ‘acqui—hire.’ Branch professionals will manage a portion of Facebook centered around developing Facebook’s conversations group, a service aimed at helping people connect based on their interests.

Pushing the envelope one more step, connectivity and topical engagements will go far beyond the best Steakhouse in SoHo or how to stay gluten free. These particular engagements could become a forum where community managers can enter the social sphere and really learn how their product or service is being taken in by the average person.

The doors have opened for “users to connect, and engage in meaningful exchanges based on interests”, according to Branch co-founder, Josh Miller. While on vacation in Japan, Josh received word that the news would be released during his trip and so he did what anyone else would do, proving exactly why he made the acquisition deal that he did… he updated his Facebook status.

Facebook Status

Mobile Users Enable Local Discovery via Apps

Whether you are a fan of Google, or Yelp, local search is a focus for both businesses and mobile users.

Enter MeeLocal, just released to iTunes on March 15, 2013.

A new entrant to the local discovery market, MeeLocal allows users to create and curate lists through images, hashtags and geo-tagged content.

“Local is one thing. HyperLocal is another,” said Stephen Danelian, founder of MeeLocal. “We live our lives through discovery and sharing. Making a way to enable that in a simple yet powerful way is what we are focused on.” Continue reading

Capital One Goes Big

It wasn’t so long ago that Capital One sent out enough credit solicitations by mail that the USPS gave them their own special rate (that sound you hear is the USPS sighing and remembering the good ole’ days).

If you’re going to mail 1 Billion pieces a year, I guess you should get a little bit of a discount.

And, it wasn’t so long ago that Cap One called up their suppliers and said, “Hey, listen, ummm … the economy is kind-of tanking a little and we need to pull back. So … yeah. Sorry …” I’m paraphrasing of course, but you get the picture.

So why was I so surprised to see this? Continue reading

Going “Facebook Official:” How to Take Your Relationship with Social Media to the Next Level

Social media is a lot like a romantic relationship: things will work a lot better if you understand yourself, your needs, and your goals, and you understand the person you’re with.

In the case of social media, a company that lacks a projected forecast, fails to understand its needs, and is unable to engage with and understand its customer base, is doomed to fail. After all, some people just aren’t ready to find their soul mates just yet.

Below we have three primary reasons a company would not be ready for social media and examples for each. Read ahead, and find out if your company is ready to take this relationship to the next level.

You Have Commitment Issues

Social media is very transparent. If you “aren’t sure of the direction you’re taking the company” and can’t commit to a strategy for your company, social media should be the least of your worries. “It’s Complicated” isn’t a status that you want to hang on your relationship with social media. Continue reading

Make Me Social brings together memorabilia and mobile for an interactive experience

The great thing about working in an industry as dynamic as social media is that it enables us to connect incredible brands, and create something really special.

One of the recent connections that we made brought together two companies: Keepr™ Media and Enthuse.

Keepr™ Media uses a proprietary technology platform to deliver dynamic, rich, media in the form of a collectible, called KEEPR. The product connects via USB to any Windows computer to deliver a one-of-a-kind memorabilia experience. The KEEPR enables consumers to engage with their favorite teams, players and stars over the internet to access exclusive content and any other rewards and benefits the content owner wishes to deliver. KEEPRs can be purchased online at keeprmedia.com. Continue reading

Futurecast: Where is Social Media Headed in 2013?

Happy New Year everyone!

Embarking into this new year has us all wondering what the future holds. But we aren’t ones who rely to crystal balls to tell us our fate. We use cold, hard data; raw facts; and objective truths.

That’s why we turned to our own internal social media experts. We sat down and discussed what we expect to see in 2013. Our conversation focused on three key themes: existing and emerging platforms, changes to user behavior and preference, and entertainment and events.

Our conversation was bountiful and we had a lot to say, making us thankful that we never took that crystal ball out of the attic when excavating our holiday decorations.

Existing and Emerging Platforms

Applying Moore’s Law to social media, we expect a continued rise in the growth of niche networks accompanied by more success targeting specific audiences. Investors will continue to pump money into people and platforms, hoping to get a Zuckerberg to build them their own Facebook. The “social media bubble” will undoubtedly continue to expand. Continue reading