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ermahgerd it's two memes in one!

The Success Of The Meme Phenomemeon

So, you think you’re a meme genius? Memes are used to “explain the way cultural information spreads.” Generally found as a combination of sarcasm, humor and a play on timely relevant images or cultural fads – memes are our culture’s way of expressing how we feel in a concise, irreverent style.

After over a century of laying low, the dormant memes came back in style full swing in 2001. The phenomenon hit social media sites everywhere, with images of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and current hot-topic images laying as the backdrop to witty jokes and punny one-liners.

For a great look at the history of the meme, click on the image below:
what's in a meme

Meme’s don’t exclude any type of media, as long as the message has enough strength to go viral on the web. From images and videos, to gif’s and comic panels, the meme fad is back in style and being used more often than ever before. You may remember some of the 90’s hottest memes, the dancing baby and those unforgettable dancing hamsters, it is the most simple media structures that hit home with users around the world.

Want your meme to go viral? Choose an image or clip that relate to the masses. Inside jokes work well for a small scale meme, but viral humor must be appreciated by large groups of people. Laughter, laugher always gets further on the web than sad or serious things. Users come to the web for a break from reality and hopefully a couple laughs. And lastly, sharing. Get that meme onto Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and Reddit to get the wheels turning and the share clicks through the roof.

These memes can make the big bucks! With the right elements, playing on real time events and cultural zeitgeist, a viral meme can make money in the millions. The hottest meme images such a Bad Luck Brian and The Success Kid, are perfect templates for your brand to start generating memes that will click with your consumers and you could be the one laughing straight to the bank.

Social Media Lessons from Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro

How you behave in response to stress is a great indicator of your true character. This applies to social media as much as it does offline.

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Discovering Influencers: The Powerful Toolset of Reddit

Where Content Comes From

You may not have heard of Reddit, but you’ve seen their influence. Reddit is a social news site, comparable to Digg, StumbleUpon, or the BBS’s of the late 90’s. Users may submit content, in the form of photos, external links, or text posts. Other users vote on these submissions, pushing popular posts to the front pages of the site – like a living search engine. With over 43 million active users (called Redditors) as of October 2012, some analysts are calling Reddit the most influential website online. The Harlem Shake is simply the latest in a long line of trends that the Reddit community founded. In 2013, if a piece of content goes viral, you can almost assuredly wager that it was popular on Reddit two weeks earlier.

But I’m not here to tell you why Reddit is important to the internet.

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