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“Story Bumping” and what it means for your brand’s Facebook strategy

Facebook has recently taken steps to provide more transparency around the way that their platform works. These steps have ranged from reconfiguring Facebook for Business to releasing information about upcoming changes to the Edge Rank algorithm that determine what content users see in their News Feeds.

More information can create more confusion, especially when trying to understand what the updates mean for your brand’s social media strategy. We sat down and analyzed the announcement in order to share the three things brands need to know about the changes that are headed to Facebook News Feeds:


1. This is good news for brands.

When it comes to the Edge Rank algorithm, change is the only constant.

 Now organic stories that people did not scroll down far enough to see can reappear near the top of News Feed if the stories are still getting lots of likes and comments.”

That means that if your content is getting a lot of engagement, it will have a new opportunity to gain additional organic awareness by being bumped back up in the feed. The cream will rise to the top.

2. This is great news for brands with strong, engaging content.

This most recent update makes it very clear that preference will be given to posts that have a lot of engagement. That means likes, comments, and shares will become even more important parts of the cyclical relationship between awareness and engagement, with each one creating new opportunities for the other.

For brands with a practiced approach to content creation, this is great news. It means that focusing on when your audience is online and the types of post that they engage with, will have a direct impact on your ability to increase organic awareness of your brand’s content.

Taking it one step further and focusing specifically on content creation best practices like balancing company focused posts with audience focused ones, including “fill in the blanks” and specific calls to action, and simply asking questions, will have even greater pay offs.

3. The update alone will not get your content in front of your fans and extended target audience.

Facebook is a business and businesses need to make money. One of the ways that Facebook makes money is by charging brands for the ability to advertise to their users. If Facebook allowed every post that your brand made to be seen by all of your fans, it would be difficult for them to charge you for access. From a user standpoint, it would be difficult to sift through the thousands of posts made each day. From a business standpoint, it can mean that much of your content goes unseen.

The answer? Promote the things that you really want people to see. If you strategically select content to promote, you can game Edge Rank.

Remember – strong content gets engagement, which leads to more awareness, which leads to more opportunities for engagement, and the cycle continues. An easy way to guarantee more awareness is to put some ad spend behind your content. If the content is good, the increase in awareness will magnify the amount of engagement, getting your content in front of an expanded audience.

Combining strategic ad spend with strong content and a system that allows the cream to rise to the top? That’s a recipe for social success.